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    Where to find a digital temperature reading device.

    I haven't seen actual measurements of the air entering the intake.
    With all this talk about flow rites and placement of the intake rear vs front, hot air in the engine compartment sucking in hot air into the intake.

    i would eventually like to take baseline temperatures when the jetski has been running for a while

    I would like to check the ambient air temperature inside the engine compartement and also would like to place a probe into the air intake stock to see what the temp is before changing anything.

    Then may be after some addition of attwoods flowrites, all that jazz, see if there is actually a temperature change /decrease in both places.

    Does anybody know where you can get a digital temperature reading device. Like one that has a probe that comes out of it that you can place anywhere and get an actual number?

    I know i've seen them before, but don't know where to buy...

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    digital thermometer

    Check the hydroponics supplies web sites. They sell lots of different kinds with probes to give you actual air or liquid temps of wherever you want, & by virture of their application most are waterproof. That stuff really should be legalized.

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    hydroponics gotcha, You mean like at Epcot Center when they have tomatoes being sprayed with water, no soil and they are growing just fine, That kind of hydroponics?

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    Not only do they grow just fine, they grow absolutely kind and in a fraction of the typical growth cycle, and much much bigger, oooh and the flavor not to mention the concentration of vitamins . . .

    Check these sites, the first one looks the best w/ waterproof & wireless:



    Good idea with checking the temps. I just installed a few flow-rites in my engine compartment assuming it would help, but not sure how much, or how hot it gets in there. Think I'll do the same.

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    Temperature Measurement

    1. Use the home indoor out door Temp device. The sensor can be trapped inside your egine compartment and the main unit in your storage bin. After your ride you can see the highs and lows (if you buy the more detailed unit)
    2. Go to pro chef shop and look for a digital oven temp gauge. Some have a digital box and metal probe you can stick into the very hot areas. Some can record the temp so you can review to the data later.

    Oregon Scientific: AW129 Wireless BBQ Thermometer $24-$35 on BIZRATE.

    Hope that helps

    Outeka/Bermy Guy

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    sweet, sweet, sweet I don't know what to do with the outpouring of info! Thanks for the help guys. I just like to see what the heck our base lines here are. May be we can settle the debate on whether these flow rites are a help and these attwood fans as well. Thanks again.

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    Many good quality multi meters have a receptacle for a thermocouple, you may not need to buy anything....umm, just don't get it wet.

    I have 4 different handheld digital meters that perform different specific features instead of one that does it all per se' and each see's limited usage and stay in good condition. This way if i break one, well, i'm not out super big bucks.

    Please excuse, i need to clean this one!
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    snap on has a gun style one.point it the surface, pull the trigger, and bang!! instant temp

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    Dude, go to your local sporting goods store and buy a cheap water temp gauge. Fishermen use them on the bottom of their trolling motors. I have one on my ski to get actual air temps for testing purposes. I think it costs about $10.00.

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