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Thread: Loss of rpms

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    Loss of rpms

    I have a 05 rxp with the riva stage two kit. I just had the oil pressure switch/sensor replaced because it was flashing oil on the digital readout and beeping. prior to having this changed the machine ran awesome 8000 rpms, pulled great, oil in between the lines, etc. So i get it back from the dealer and take it for a spin and 5 min into the ride "oil" appears again on the screen. So i took about a 45min ride, checked the oil level everything seemed fine, Heading back to the launch ramp i had it pegged 8000-8100rpms and all the sudden they started dropping 100 by 100 increments, until it was just doggin, I shut it off and it wouldnt restart. Pulled it out of the water and it fired up, still could hear the supercharger whining, but it almost sounded like a clunking noise coming from the motor so i instantly shut it off. any ideas of what this could be? I do have the riva coated washer in the charger.

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    It sounds mechanical really... maybe a spun rod bearing...

    1) Don't ride it anymore

    2) If under warranty, take it back to stock and drop it off at the dealership

    3) Check oil level

    4) Pull the SC out and inspect it

    5) Prepare to pull the motor and look for major issues there... based on your description it sounds like you lost oil pressure and caused damage to the engine internals.... sounds like it may not have been the sensor after all.

    Has the ski ever ate ceramic washers? If so they may not have replaced the oil pumps...

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    Yes it ate them with 19 hours on it

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    Yep, that's your problem. Oil pumps failed and now you got a bad bearing somewhere. Once you eat ceramics the clock is ticking. How many hours you got now?

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    I have 68 hours on it. If a bearing is bad, do i have the crank rebuilt, put a whole new motor in it, or rebuild the one i have. any ideas on some options please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxp05 View Post
    I have 68 hours on it. If a bearing is bad, do i have the crank rebuilt, put a whole new motor in it, or rebuild the one i have. any ideas on some options please.
    my ceramics went at 30 hours, the dealer told me he'd cleaned it all out, bull shit, at 70 hours conrod escaped thru block, it was still under warrenty so i had a new engine fitted, by a different dealer

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    Thats what im afraid to find out it just came out of warranty.

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    s/c failed

    anytime a supercharger fails on a 4-tec, the engine must be completely torn down. both the mag cover and oil seperator cover, oil pumps and oil cooler need to be replaced. the ceramic washers go through the oil pumps and into the bottom end, possibly damaging the plain bearing and damaging the crank.
    the riva titanium washers work good at not falling apart but if in the past your s/c failed, your oil pumps are bad if your boat wasnt rebuilt. the manufacturer has a emissions warranty up to 250 hours. bring your boat to the dealer. a failed s/c is always covered.

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    So your saying that if the motor is blown, they could possibly still cover it

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    check inner cooler tubes. you could have a boost leak

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