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    Thumbs down 99 gp800 lost all power, 5mph tops, help me

    i took my ski out this weekend. it ran great for 20 seconds then just fell on its face. it will only do like 5 mph tops. pulled carbs and jets are fine. reeds have a couple ends that are chewed up a little not to bad but gonna replace anyways since they are out. my question is what would make it just totaly lose power all to gether. it halled but for the 20 sec it ran good. front cylender is blowing gas back out of carb. a fine mist. any help would be much apprieciated

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    What did your fuel filters look like.
    Could be sticking N/S
    Whats your compression at.


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    also it was smoking real bad. do not know what compression is at yet. talked to guy i bought ut from it was just rebuilt top end had previously dropped a power valve on the piston and ruined the piston and cylinder

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    Welcome to the forum.
    We can narrow it down by saying your ski needs air, fuel, spark, and timing.
    If its spitting fuel out the carbs I would say fuel is covered.
    Did you check your floats to make sure there not stuck open?
    Have you pulled your spark plugs for a look?
    Checked for spark on all cylinders?
    Did it sound rich (like a bog) or sound like it was missing?
    Did you check the choke to assure it wasnt stuck?
    Was there any water in the hull?
    Try new plugs also, if a 2 stroke is ran WOT without any warm up it is alot more likely to foul the plugs to the point that it wont run at all. If you have'nt already been doing it, make sure you let it idle some and gradually bring the RPMs up for the first time of the day until it reaches operating temps, then do anything you want after that.
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