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    2006 GTI Pro - Speedo

    Do all GTI Pro's have a speedo as standard? I ask as I have just purchased a 2nd hand 2006 GTI Pro. On my 1st run, I noticed that the speedo doesn't work. Nothing shows on the LCD. Everything else is OK ie tacho, fuel guage etc. Just no speedo. Manual does not indicate I may have a model that has no speedo and when I connect the key, it does briefly show speedo numbers.

    So I thought something might be loose or whatever and tried to find the actual speedo drive on the hull. Can't find it. When I looked at the rear of the dash, there is a small pipe connection that has nothing connected to it and I can't seem to see anything that it would connect to.

    So now I'm thinking I might have a model without a speedo. Although, I have to admit at being very surprised if Seadoo has cut this corner...

    Thanks for any input.

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    I love answerin my own questions, but seems a phone call to Seadoo reveals it has no speedo!!

    Ah well at least nothings broke


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    I have a 2006 Seadoo GTI. Base model doesn't have a speedo. I had the same question when I bought mine. Thought there was a problem. But everything is fine. It does have a fuel gauge as you already know.


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