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    total electrical failure @ 65mph!!!

    it is still happening!!!! like 65.........STOP! instantly with no readings on the display, only way to restart is to bump the immobilizer. I have already had it replaced once! any suggestions? oh yeah and i wonder if sudden full speed engine cut off could have slid the s/c belt enough to shred like it did yesterday?

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    I have accidently pulled my key while running and the ski still runs without it.
    It is wierd your key shuts yours off, unless the kill swithc is actually the culprit.


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    i have bounced the immobilizer key out a few times in the ocean and kept running boat didnt stop until the lanyard was pulled as well. then everything was blank. looked at the key and it was loose in the compartment.

    sounds like you have a bigger prob than the immobilizer
    good luck.

    check the wiring harness into your cpu. if this is loose it could cause probs.
    (or loose battery connect)

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