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    Shop manual 2007 GTI SE 155??

    Anyone know where I can get a shop manual for 2007 GTI SE?? Already paid out the *** for a wear ring replacement. That won't happen again.

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    Ebay, "midwest manuals" 2007 PWC Seadoo-manual.

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    Searched ebay. Could only find 2005 seadoo shop manual. No luck when searching for "midwest manuals". Anyone else?? Thanks for the quick response sstaino.

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    Your right, I couldnt find it anymore! Thats strange. I purchased the manual on ebay (PDF file on CD) a few weeks ago. I also looked on Hulk's online store and there are no manuals for sale there. I believe your only option is the dealer.

    Part number is #219 100 258

    But its $113.48 at the dealer!

    or maybe I can make some copies.........

  5. #5 I've sent the guy an e-mail asking if he has access to 07 manuals. Will post results. He has 06 manuals listed.

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    It makes me laugh when I read on that sellers ebay auction how he has his logo on each page of the CD manual and how he made it "copy proof" so no one can "steal" it......the bum originally stole it from BRP to begin with !!


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    Thanks for that one Junior.

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