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    flushing with salt x

    How do you flush your yamaha engine using salt x corrosion preventer. jj

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    I've never used salt-x, but I've used saltaway for years. It has an applicator that attaches to a hose. you can use it on ski's and boats...

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    you will need the dispenser that attaches to your garden hose. fill it with Salt X start your engine turn on hose when all the solution is gone turn off hose let the engine run another 30 seconds or so and you are done. the adapters can be bought at any marine store.

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    welcome jesse

    only use salt away... salt x dont cut into the salt the same, and is a poor quaility copy of a good product..

    just my 2 cents as you say but i used both and only ride in salt and have seen the results first hand..

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    Thanks for the responses, I found the applicator at boaters world!! jj

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