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    Just redid Fuel lines...priming advise?

    OK Replaced ALL the fuel lines on my 00 RX and was curious what all I should do priming wise before attempting to restart it. This is my first exprience with seadoo engines, but on cars we'd just dump a little fuel down the carbs and it would usually fire up...stumble and then be good to go once the fuel lines filled up. ON the seadoo its gonna be well over 5ft of line thats empty, not to mention the filter/housing upfront. I was thinking fill up the filter "cup" and add a "cap full" to each carb and then fire it up. I just wanted to make sure I don't have to do something weird like get all the air out of the lines or something...

    ON a side note buying a stock replacement filter for the housing is just plain silly.. $25 for a damn tube screen?? The hell with that I can go to autozone and buy a damn glass inline fule filter with 3 extra filters for half that.

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    Pull the choke and start the thing. If your that concerned take premixed gas and pour down the spark plug holes. Won't take long to start..

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    yea thats what I figured... Just wanted to make sure. Thanks

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    951's will lean rev in a his concern is justified. To prime the fuel system remove the fuel return line from the carb, and slightly pressuize with an air hose until fuel comes out the exposed return barb on the carb. Catch excess fuel with a small can or rag.

    If it ever revs uncontrollably, always pull the choke!

    On another side note, 951's will burn up a starter if used too frequently. So it's always best now, for two reasons, to prime the fuel system after a carb cleaning or fuel line replacement.

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    PS-Make sure your fuel is turned on too...

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    For Carbureted motors, goto walmart or your local sporting good store with a marine supply and buy a primer bulb. buy the one wiht the 1/4 fitting. Install a short peice of fuel line and connect one end to your carb abnd the other from your supply. I just primed a GPr tonight with this and works perfect. I do this everytime my carbs are off. Its the safe way to repack your carbs and have it crank less from dry starting.

    check this link out.

    I keep one of these in mytool box allthe time. Best little gadget to save time.


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    just replaced all my hoses an oil hoses all i did was pull choke crank an opeb oil bleeder an blew in tank untill oil came out works fine now runs fantastic now

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