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    sea doo steering.

    96' Gti exactly do you remove the steering cable from where it goes through the hull.... I removed the nut but not sure what else is holding it ...

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    There is a nut on the outside and inside of the hull.
    Look at parts 31,39,44


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    yeah..i got the nut off the inside' and i guess its a retaining ring on the outside...havent figured out how to get retaing ring off.. which way does cable come through..does it pull through from the inside?

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    Yes, it should pull thru from the inside.

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    I have a 99 with the same steering setup and have the same problem, nut inside the hull is removed. But cable does not move. Is the cable supposed to move towards the back so you can slide the retaining ring off and remove the split collar? then I would assume it would pull through the inside. Problem is the damn cable does not move either way, is there some magical locking pin or something in there that the diagram does not show? the cable spins in circles but will not move in either direction. a little clarification would be great!

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