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    what does this mean

    I am kinda new to working on seadoos, my polaris i have been in an out of a bunch but never had a porblem with the doo. I took it out yesterday and occasionally the maint. soon light came on. it still ran fine and it only did it for a few seconds after start up but its never done it before what could it be, by the way is a 01 951 rxdi

    next question my buddies old seadoo light came on and i couldnt even figure out what it stood for it said "rv low" or something like that its a 1997 gsx i think any help would greatly be appreicated

    thanks mudd

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    How many hours on the RX? 2000 Rx of mine comes on every 25 hrs.
    I have 3 -97 GSX's, and every one of them says 12 v low, or rv low, same thing.. usually right after start up, but goes off quickly. ...BigT
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    the rx just rolled over 100 hours so thats probably what it is, how do i reset it or whatever to make it stop, or what all do i need to do to it maintance wise?

    on the gsx we just put a new battery in it anyways i figured thats what it meant and the battery that was in it prior was 3 years old

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    RX, I just held the set and mode buttons for about 5 seconds. Normal maintanance as with any ski. Plugs if needed, check your wear ring, impellor clearances, how many hours since your last pump oil change, if you havent already, clip your plug wires back a 1/4 inch at the boot, clean your fuel system etc...

    On my GSX's I cant remember them NOT saying rv low, one I've had since it was brand new lol.....BigT

    Just realized you have a di, there is only fuel additive that I've heard is any good at cleaning the injectors, and i'm not positive but think it chevron ..techron something or other. Hopefully someone else can tell you what it is....
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    Chevron Techron and Sea Foam - One of the first things I do to ALL my engines.


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