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    Plugs came in finally

    I just picked up plugs from Riva, been on backorder for weeks For those who are waiting, I'd give them a call. Hopefully these last a little longer.......

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    Cancelled my order with today - Local Napa guy call and said their backordered NGK's shipped this morning and mine will be in tomorrow am - he even matched the price - I have 8 comming in the morning - not sure if he has more than mine comming in but I will check and post after I pick them up

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    spark plugs

    my ski sat in the shop for 5 weeks waiting for plugs! why are they holding the plugs? why is the ski fouling the plugs?]

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    I have a extra set of PMR9B spark plugs if anyone is interested. My cost plus shipping. Just pm me.

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    it seems the dealers have them in stock now

    a few days ago i bought the plugs from the kawi dealer , the price was 15 bucks a plug which isnt a great bargain but i was just glad to see he had them in stiock

    mine werent fouled or anything i just figured i would change them cause i was at 79 hrs


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