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    Can I install a manual fuel primer

    I know we are on a Seadoo forum but I was hoping a schooled tech or a street smart jetski guy might be able to answer this. I own two watercraft. A 2001 GTI and a mint 1996 Arctic Cat Tiger Shark Monte Carlo 900. The cat is a screamer. However...if it sits for a few days, it doesnt seem able to self prime its carbs. I have the factory manuals and I inspected the fuel pump internals and all looks per spec via the manual. This pump is a diaphram type which I assume is vaccume driven. To get her primed I have to put a small amount of fuel in the carb openings and fire her off on the trailer (using the flush fitting). Following that...I'm good to go. Then she runs flawlessly. My small outboard as we all know has a rubber squeeze bulb to prime the carbs. Is it possible to put a manual primer on the Tiger Shark, like an outboard has? The Seadoo seems to have a little trouble in this regard as well. Not near as bad as the shark. Lacking this...are there any other tricks I can use? Thanks everyone. Craig

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    Better than that you can intall a backupvalve so the fuel doesn´t go back in the tank, i had this problem on a XP i´m working on and it helped a lot

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    Where do I look for a backup valve...I assume you mean a check valve? Where did you get it?

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