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    I think i read something one this site about waiting 6 months before waxing your ski??? Do you have to wait that long? What kinda wax are you guys using?

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    I waxed my 250 as soon as i got mine home. The reason i do it, is i have some home brew waterspot remover that works wonders and miracles so I like to keep wax on it because i use that stuff after everytime i use it. For wax i had some left over Zaino from my car show days that stuff is the best thing on the planet. However bout out if it, not gonna order anymore i am gonna use McGuiers now. It's almost as good for shine quality but it doesn't last near as long as Zaino.

    Now i never heard the wait 6 months to wax it story, but i did hear one about not waxing the bottom which i never fully understood why, so if anyone can fill me in on that it would be great.

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    Waiting 6 months to wax is just a myth left over from the straight enamel days. I cant tell whether the paint on the red ultra is acrylic enamel or urathane but either way it will not hurt the paint to wax. I worked in a body shop for years and as quick as the paint is dry you can wet sand, buff, wax or whatever you want. I just cant figure why they didnt use basecoat/clearcoat on these things.

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    waxing bottom

    You can wax the bottom, only trouble is it will wear off in probably less
    than 30 min. Ever notice how the lower rocker panels of a car lose
    wax in a rain storm quick.....

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