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Thread: repitching ?

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    repitching ?

    I was wondering when getting a prop repitched does it make much or any difference which pitch you start with ie if yor going for 13/19, would you be better starting with a higher pitched one 16/23 or would you start with 14/18, those are just examples, but i am talking about starting with a concord, as i'm thinking of getting a 16/23 concord for either a stock 99 xpl or even in an 01 gtxltd with rejet and F/A
    and where can i look at some info on repitching and prop repairs

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    I'm sure that David will answer your question, but why are you considering a 16/23 Concord for a stock 99 xpl or a 01 gtxltd with rejet and F/A? That impeller is too big for either one of those ski's. If you use the stock venturi nozzle you will lose several hundred RPM and badly overload the motor. A 15/20 Concord is the biggest I would go for those ski's/mods and even then you might need a larger venturi nozzle to keep from overloading the motor.

    Dan (drb)

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    its not concrete that i have to get that one but it was for sale and was wondering if it would be a good base to start with for repitching

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    Hi Winterstick,
    We can repitch the impeller to work for either ski, as long as it is an ST series. It does typically make a difference what the impeller started out as, but if the 16/23 originated from the 16/21 casting, then we can still compensate for that, when we pitch it to work for a stock XPL.

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