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    New GPR whats needed

    ordered the D plate what about the r+D power noz;e, Whos ride plate??? etc etc.

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    2007 1300r? If so,it all depends. The days of the riva and r&d staged kits are gone. Now it's all about how fast you want to go and how much you want to spend.

    Once you figure that out. You'll have so much info thrown at you your head will spin.

    Dont know if this is your first ski, but if it is,the factory speedo is not accurate.Your ski out of the crate after break-in should be 65-66MPH range.

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    Need more info...
    what year is it? What do you want to do with it, CC, bouys, top speed, drag race, rough water, smooth water, or just play around and do a little bit of everything?

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    My RXP is down with SC problems!! So I bought this and am really liking it !! so the mods are starting. Its a new O7 I see I need the D plate that I ordered ,What else??? I just rec ride and ride mostly smooth lakes. Top speed important as is handeling we chase each other all over the lake. so far my Ultra turns the sharpest and My rxp is the fastest however I can see the potential in this machine. I may call dibs on the GPR!!!!!!!!!!!!!How far off is the factory spedo????????

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    Very, mine tells me im doing 190Km/h.

    Buy a small GPS unit, its the only way to accuratly get your speed.

    Contact one of the mod guys (WFO, Islandracing, Jims, RIVA, R&D) , they all have kits that are proberly what you are looking for.

    A good way to start would be with ISLAND RACING or WFO.

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    very first mod, ditch the stock intake grate for aftermarket

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    For top speed on smooth water lakes. Get an 800 grate (riva or R&D) get an R&D ride plate and modify it or have Jim or Island racing do it for you, do the air mods, 14/20 dynafly prop, step your sponsons, Have Jim mill your stock head to raise compression, then maybe reeds and timing key. For more info on these mods just do a search and its all there. Keep your stock nozzle, remove your airbox lid and remove the metal baskets that are in there, and get a EFI controler. If all is done properly you should be looking at 75+ mph on the GPS. You need a GPS and an aftermarket tach of some kind for good tuning. They can be had anywhere from $30 and up.

    Tuners corner on the main page will help you locate everyone.

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