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    I have an 06 gp1300r with roughly 55 hours on it..... These are ALL of my mods that I have.....

    1)Jet Works Kit
    2) D- Plate
    3) Free Flow Pipe
    4) Aquavein Double bar Intake grate
    5) Drop Nozzle Kit

    NOW.. I just bought the EFI controller, but have no idea where to set it at or how to tell what to set it at. I tried the "RIVA RECCOMENDED SETTINGS" and it did improve my bottom end response but my mid and top were real sluggish..... Does anyone know what I should have this set at????

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    efi help

    check with WFO in the tuners corner...or do a search for EFI threads,
    it's all out there.
    all of our skis are different and it takes patience, and time to get them right!

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    The FIRST thing you need to buy before you go any further is a good aftermarket tach. The PET 2100dx is a good one to get.You MUST monitor your rpm's when tuning.

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    Woody is right, you need a tach. With the d-plate and free flow you are just at the level of needing the controller but it wont need much added. What are the settings you have now? I would think no more than 331* should be needed. The * is because they all seem a little different, I set my last setting to were the red light comes on at 5500 rpms which is 7. Make sure your looking at the controler correctly (its screwed up how they did it but turn it so the green light is on top and the red is on bottom then look at the dials like a clock). The way they put the print and then a few small #s next to the dials and then provide crap for directions is a joke.

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