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    MSX 150 4000 RPM idle

    Hey everyone. New to the forums here. I had an MSX 150 given to me. Not really given to me, but it's mine to take out whenever I want as long as I can get it fixed and running. I've been messing with this al weekend, but cant get it running.

    Has anyone ever experienced a 4000 rpm idle on a 04 MSX 150? What did you do to fix it?

    This is out of water in my garage, but I would not expect water to slow it down 2500 rpms.

    If I unhook the cable going to the throttle body, the ski will start right up, and idle exactly where it needs to be, but obviously, then I have no throttle.

    Any Ideas?


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    sounds like you need to adjust the cable. i dont konw about the msx specifically, but they usually have a place to adjust it on the throttle and down on the carbs too.

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    you need slack on throttle cable,it's fly be wire and if not enought slack will do that

    allso if be sitting for while o2 sensor may be see to much fuel.and on this ski opens throttle up!

    later cd
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    MSX is fuel injected, no carbs. I could not find an idle adjustment by the throttle body, someone let me know if I'm wrong.

    It's not the throttle cable. I just opened that up the door, and their was a small amount of slack in the line. I took it off just to see and it did not make a difference. So then I wondered if it was the "fly by wire thing", don't know the real name, but I disconnected the cable from there and started it, and it still did it.

    When the ski is running, it is not giving me any codes, or lights.

    Whos next

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    also, how do I check the O2 sensor or sensors, if there are more than one?

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