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    Battery Post Threads

    My battery is a month old and the thread block or nut inside the battery post is nearly stripped. The last 2 or 3 turns are ok, but I don't want to rely on them.

    I didn't realize that the nut had come loose in the past and I probably stipped the threads when it was out of alignment. I epoxied them in place and put the battery back into the ski only to find out later of this problem with the threads.

    I got lucky yesterday because the negative battery cable loosened up enough to kill the juice and I wasn't able to get a start, but I was near the dock. Good lesson though to make sure of what I have...I thought the cables were attached securely but weren't and i had three people on the ski about to explore a canal with no tools with me.

    (I only say all this detail for the benefit of the newbies like myself who are still climbing a steep learning curve.)

    It quickly became apparent that the battery cable was loose and then I figured out the threads were in bad shape.

    Does anyone know if I can buy new threads or will I have to buy another new battery and be more careful?

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    You should be able to slip a nut in the slot..

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    If you can't find the nut, let me know I have the correct ones from Yuasa.

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    I am a huge advocate for the quick release clips. They give a very secure connection and allow for the cable to move a little without loosing a connection. Kinda expensive, 35 bucks if I remember right, but I have never had a battery issue since.

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    Go to a local battery store (around here there's a chain called Battery Warehouse). Those guys have literally pallets of dead batteries waiting to go to recycling. They have always been helpful to me, and I'm sure they'd give you some used fasteners.

    I always save old fasteners when I recycle batteries, but I'm a pack-rat.

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