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    I have a 96 speedster twin 717 engine model. A tow rope got sucked up this weekend and it got tangled in the impellar shaft. It broke the protective plastic boot/cover over the shaft. Now the metal shaft is exposed. Is this a bad thing? Will water get sucked into the engine/pump bearings? Can I still use my boat or do I need to have it serviced immediately? Its the July 4th weekend and I would like to keep playing? Thanx for the noob question. I really need the experts help?
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    plastic cover

    I did the same thing - with a sheet of construction tarp - and destroyed the thin plastic guard on the impeller drive shaft outside the hull. Remove all the damaged pieces with needle nose pliers and you should be good to go. I have not had any problems since, despite the "guard" being shredded.

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