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    cavitation and surging

    Hello everyone. I posted 2 weeks ago about my wastegate actuator needing replacement. Thank you to those who replied. I ended up buying a generic wastegate actuator ($100) and fitting it to the existing wastegate. Took a little while but well worth it. On my test run after putting everything back together, the motor ran great with lots of power when the turbo kicks in. Now....I have a new problem. From a stand-still, when I nail it, it cavitates real bad. I can avoid it by feathering the throttle a bit, but would rather not have to do this. Also at top speed, it surges. The tach goes from 6200 to 5600 rpms. It goes back and forth between the two. I am not getting any warning lights or beeps. The oil level is correct, and I don't see anything wrapped around the impeller. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Thank You, Wilson

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    WGS or bad/low octane gas

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    if your ski is stock (prop and intake) they all cavitate. Get a Solas 17/29 to eliminate that.

    If you have any leaks around the intake gate it will do that also


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    Ok the gas is 92 octane and the WGS is new. Is there a recomended place where I can buy the Solas prop? Will the new prop help with the surging too?

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    My stock ski cavitates real bad if I go full throttle from idle. I just don't go full throttle right off the bat.

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