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    Will this 951 combo work???

    Hi all,

    My dad has just put together a 951 for his 97.5 GSX ltd (white engine).

    Here's the fun part, it has a 2002 silver 951 block, white engine carbs (which are apparently slightly different form the later 951's) White engine MPEM and a rossier pipe.

    He has re-jetted the carbs with jets he has been told work with the rossier pipe.

    It is very flat on the bottom end and will not rev past 6k, feels generally very flat up to 6k RPM.

    Will all these parts work together?

    What is the correct jetting for the rossier pipe on the stock carbs?

    Any help appreciated.



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    I'm not real familiar with the rossier pipe. But if it were me, id get a set of 98+ silver carbs and start from there.

    are you using the flywheel and stator from a 97.5 or is it from the 2002 silver engine?

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