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    Chris, I want you to know this is tough love. This is not an attack, just trying to nip this here.

    I'm sure everyone here has had a problem with a vendor, or another member, at some point. That's life. And if the mods want to lock down a thread that turns into a bash-fest, they have my blessing.

    Personally, I don't use or buy from some of the vendors/users here, for personal reasons. But I keep it there, personal. I feel that just because I have a difference of opinion with someone, beit UPS destroying a lot of packages, or not liking the condition of a part that was given a good description, I chose not to bash someone.
    If someone here has a favorite vendor, that's fine. So do you.
    My personal favorite is Precision Power Services (partsland), Crankworks, Price Performance,etc. But that's me.

    I'll be the first to admit that I am slow to ship sometimes, and not much help on the phone, or in pm. But you have to understand, it's hard to focus personal attention to just one problem when you're busy trying to make a living. I sometimes put in 20 hours a day to keep the bills paid, and try to have a little left over for my toys.
    Point being, sometimes people get lost in the shuffle.

    Everyone knows you're not happy with the way things have been going lately. I'm not real impressed with the situation here either.
    But make a point and move on. Why make everyone else miserable?
    Gramps always told me,"Don't chit in the same place you eat, because the world is going to taste like that"

    Mark, Steve, Al, You have my blessing to lock this down or delete it.

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    I have ZERO issue with ANY vendor..period..this had nothing to do with a vendor...which ive said 138439483 times.......I think 50+% of my issues have been resolved regarding posts/threads deleted i guess i cant complain...i will not post anything that people told me in PM or IM or talkin on the phone..i will not stoop to that some people have its done...

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