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Thread: welded SC shaft

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    Thumbs up welded SC shaft

    Hey I just wondered why noone else welds the SC drive clutch solid! Everyone bleats on that its crap!

    I figured if it was good enough for a some old rotary diff, its rough enough for me! 8o)

    Am now running custom compressor wheel with 18 pounds and a welded clutch....

    06 Rxp with 60 hours on the welded clutch no probs!

    Biggest noticable difference 84mph..... and It F***KS off outa the hole like a mental!

    Thanks for the help Jerry

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    Iīm thinking of the same thing... lol... have you got some pics?
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    I think the clutch is there to do a job - I would guess you could break the SC shaft or other components without it.
    So far as I can work out, the clutch does most of its work when coming unhooked in the chop/Salt Water, so maybe if you only ride on glass you might get away with it welded up??

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    its been tried before the shaft breaks or the gear shatters. sounds like you've done well 60 hrs good going

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    if you run in chop water, the shaft will snap within 20 min 100%, I had that issue allready because of to much clutch tension on Metall washer

    the shaft broke exact on the SC housing bearing, the shaft piece with the gear/washer meesed up all the PTO internals icl. the block, gears , etc

    so in real world condition the shaft will snap, but I wish good luck if some wants to try out , because luck is what you need

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    lol... 06 rxp with a welded clutch for 60 hours....

    anyone know who this guy is? ... oh wait, he's thanking Jerry... Jerry must be holding out on us with this new reliable welded non-slipping clutch <sarcasm implied>

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    If by some miracle you have made it this far with a welded clutch you are super lucky. But It will fail and when it does your in for some serious engine damage and a big fat bill. O, and I smell bullshit.

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    84mph at that, yea, I smell it too, don't know what the bull ate, but damn.........

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    People, please DO NOT go out and weld your shafts. I'm not sure who this poster is, nor did i help him or give him advice to do such a foolish thing. Those that welded the gear to the shaft suffered catastrophic failures.

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    This guy "Whiped" is just yankin our PP's

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