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    Floating rocks????

    So, I was cruzin' down the river at about 50 and my ski felt like it all of a sudden had breaks. My impeller must have stopped on a dime and I just about went over the bars. Anyway, I had to idle all the way back to the dock, glad it was down stream. I found my intake all messed up, huge gouges in the wear ring and a chunk missing from my impeller. Bad day. So, I gotta buy a new wear ring, intake grate, and impeller....I already have the "green" SC impeller on the way. So, my big question for this post is. Can I run a 13/19 impeller on my RXT with an aftermarket "green" SC impeller, 4 inch air intake, and a new hull intake grate??? Or should I just buy another 14/17R pitched blocked impeller.

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    do you have any idea what you sucked up? sorry to hear this...PR...

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    It must have been a spot in the river where it got super shallow then dropped off real quick. Rocks (pebbles doing 50) probably screwed it all up for me. But any idea as to my first question about the impeller angle I should get?
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