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    Angry '06 Sea Doo GTX 4 Tec Battery problems!

    We took our sea doo out today and granted it was sitting all winter-- all of a sudden it died and when I tried to start would'nt turn over. Its stuck at a dock and I don't know where to begin with troubleshooting. I mean, I don't even know if its the battery thats causing the sea doo to not to start. PLEASE HELP.
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    I would bring out a portable jumper pack to see if you can get it started. At least you would know if it was the battery or not. If not, have it towed back, get it out of the water and repost.

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    I guess you have done the usual checking of terminals, connections and fuses?
    Just a reminder that if you do have to tow, dont go over 15 mph to avoid water getting forced into your manifold, or pinch off the hose. (page 87 of your manual.)

    "Towing the Watercraft in Water
    Special precautions should be taken when towing a Sea-Doo watercraft in
    water. Maximum recommended towing speed is 24 km/h (15 MPH).
    When towing yourwatercraft in water, pinch the water supply hose from the mpeller housing to the exhaust manifold with a large hose pincher."

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    check the connection of the starter soloniod. follow the positive cable to its first connection. these terminals have been known to loosen for some reason. you may be able to wiggle the terminal and start the machine to get it out of the water.

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    be careful with jumping battery any spark = boom...PR...

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