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    Lightbulb Electric Fuel Pump 94 SL750

    Is it pasable to put a electric fuel pump on a 94 SL750 and do awaywith the old stock fuel pump thanks for your time.

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    In theory yes! but it should be SAE J1171 , USCG certified
    but in all honesty I have run them for testing and even have one for backup ( flip of a switch) but the mikuni pumps are really reliable and don't strain the electrical system .Here is the recommended upgrade pump

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    Don't do it. I tried. Main issue is no gas on startup. The pulse pumps are working even with the engine cranking, and the more rpm's, the more gas they pump. Also, they flow so much that it floods the low speed circuit in the carbs and makes tuning a bitch.

    for an electric to work, you would need a fuel pressure regulator and take the time to tune it, as well as a way of making it prime before starting.

    I posted a whole write up either on the sbt forum or pwct. search around. you should be able to find it.

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    I agree with the other guys. To much hassle, go with a triple outlet.

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