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    Water leak around intermediate bearing housing

    I had a revelation today. I've been fighting a mystery water leak since last year that would come and go. I've filled the hull with water, run with the seat off, run on the trailer with the pump in the water, replaced hoses and boots and clamps, etc - all to no avail.

    Then yesterday I pulled the intermediate shaft and bearing housing, only to find exhaust stains that had been hidden behind the housing and a Riva bilge pump bracket. Well, that shouldn't be there. Then I found a bit of pinched lip on the water seal on the back of the bearing housing. Really, one of those good news / bad news sort of things.

    I've never removed the bearing housing on this ski before yesterday, so I'm wondering if this could have been caused by something I did while installing the bilge pump bracket or if it's yet another effect of excessive pump pressure at high speeds, because I only had leak problems when running WOT.

    The other thing I'm wondering is if that seal is fixable or replaceable, or if I'll need to replace the housing. I can't see that the seal is torn anywhere, it just doesn't have a lip for about an inch and a half. The parts catalog doesn't show anything that looks like this either, only the oil seals for the bearings. By the way, this is on a 2000 GPR. Thanks for any advice!

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    Ive see that on superjets, and fix for me was rtv or even better right stuff
    If not you will just have to r&r housing

    Later cd

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