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    D-Plate or Riva power Core insert??? which one ????

    Hey everyone,
    Just a curious question, flyboy from the forums, suggested the Dplate. Just curious if anyone has experiance using one or the other? Power Core insert cost about 70 bucks more, and came with the stage 2 kit. So which one is better? does one out perform the other? does it even matter? Thanks for anyone's input.

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    only use the d plate for bottom mid and top

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    Power core = paper weight

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    WHen you use the D plate do you need the fuel controller?? On the riva instruction it say you do but on R-D they dont mention it----07 GPR and What about r-d power cone ???same paper weight??????????????????

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    You dont need a controller for just a d-plate.The d-plate is a copy of the one yamaha themselves used in the skis shipped outside the U.S that didnt require the cat-con.

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