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    NYPD Gets 15 HEMI Chargers

    not too shabby of a job for the cop that gets to drive a Charger around all day instead of a crown vic or an impala police car.... little bit sleeker and pretty nice interior and dash for a patrol car. maybe now they'll make a half-ass attempt at chasing down cars and bikes that they typically don't bother because they can't catch em bet they'll be fightin over who gets to drive em tho.

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    You mean people actually drive in NYC? Oh yea, that's right... new york drivers... no wonder why i take the trains in. :P

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    Im with you Rocket. Driving home from his marina was hell. Roads=suck, drivers=suck. I couldnt imagine driving IN NYC. I'd go crazy

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    As a Hemi owner myself...they won't have too many problems keeping up with most models. Wat till Superchips comes out with their mod for the 6.1. It should make the car in the low 13's.

    I want one with a Kenne Bell SC. That should be Vette Z06 and Viper spanking territory for sure!

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