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    77 mph Ultra 250 ?????????????

    You will notice that I put a bunch of questions marks for the title. The guy that I pulled in back in Feb that I told most of you about just stopped by my home. As all of us do we starting talking about speed of skis now that they are broken in. Mine is running 65 to 66 and that is it.

    I asked him about his and he said he had replaced the prop and he could run 77mph on an empty tank of gas, yes you read that correct, I said 77mph. He also said he was getting about 8500 rpms now. He did say it was checked with gps also.

    Ok here is the question. Do any of you think that is possibe? I am not sure whether he is jerking me around or he has actually come up with something. He says the prop came from R&D. Anyone heard of anything like this from anyone else. Please don't bash me I am just relaying a conversation that we had.

    Oh by the way it is in the shop now with plug problems, not fireing. Everyone have a great weekend. I am going back outside and ride my slow ultra.

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    Hopeful he will have his ski back from the shop by next weekend. I am not from Missouri but he is going to have to show me. I am just as skeptical as y'all are. I can assure you that if it runs anywhere close to what he is saying I will be one of the first to find out more about this special prop. I just feel that if R&D had it we would have known more about it.

    All of the prop testing that has been done here has showed no gains. I think Harry tested a couple and did not see any gains.

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