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    Bent my starboard 15/20R

    Well I took 3mm out of my starboard 15/20R... The boat was running 8400 to 8500 at WOT on the port motor and 7900 to 8000 on the starboard.. when its cool out and humidity. When its hot and humid it would run like 8000 to 8100 on the port and 7600 or so on the starboard. My buddy Cyoung bought one of the wescon impeller gages so we gave it a try. It's pretty cool. I wanted to even out the motor's at WOT so my thinking is about 100 RPM's per mm so I went 3mm on one and since the port motor was already at the limiter I knew it would get even worse as the starboard motor pick up RPM's and more boost so I put one mm in the port to cominsate... In theory it may work??? We'll see what happens with the water test tomorrow...
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