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    Picked up my ski's!

    Well, I did it! I picked up my ski's today and I wanted to sleep in the garage tonight but wife said no! It took me a couple of weeks to let go of my RXT..that thing has been so good to me but frankly not missing the supercharger issue at all. After two weeks, I felt like I had dealt with all the issues of trading over but it wasn't easy. It was like the last two years seemed to replay itself all week. The places we have ridden for the last two summers and all the great people we had met. I had this really deep sad feeling but at the same time sort of elated and relieved.
    Tomorrow, I drain the oil to get it where I want it and hopefully install the Groco filter and Sunday start the breakin.

    Tuesday we leave for Laughlin and are heading up the Colorado and into Hoover Dam. It's going to be a great trip and can't wait. I'm so looking forward to getting out and being with my wife and riding and exploring the canyon. She is such a blessing in my life and we enjoy being with each other so much. The temps should be a measly 117 degrees but the water near Hoover is about 50 degrees and it's chilly in the canyon..should be nice.

    Hopefully, we'll do some wining and dining in Laughlin..maybe take her to do some salsa dancing...and just have a lot of fun.

    Mark,(Hydrotoys) thanks for the referrel to Kelley Kawasaki...those people were great to do business with..what a pleasant surprise and the price was great! First time for us as we got matching red Ultra's. I think it's going to be good!

    Well, if anyone is planning on being in Laughlin/Havasu this coming 4th week let us know..we'd love to hook up with some people to ride with.
    Thanks everyone for all the great info you've taken the time to post here..I would never have bought an Ultra without being able to read through all the articles.

    Wayne & Caroline

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    Tighten all the exhaust hose clamps....
    I traded and am glad I did. Welcome and happy motoring.

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    Thanks, trust me, that is on my agenda this weekend. I was looking at all those clamps before the tech was able to start the servicing! lol

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    Congrats on your purchase. I hope they treat you well.

    When you get a chance, let's go ride.

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    Congrats guys, trip sounds like fun. Enjoy your new toys.

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