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    Drove a WAKE 230 Today!!!

    I went to my dealer to pick up my S200 and when I pulled into the parking lot there sat a beautiful WAKE 230. The owner of the dealership was loading it up and said they were headed to the lake for a test run and asked if I wanted to join them. Hell ya work can wait!! I tell ya pics don't do the boat justice as it's much more impressive in person. Interior is awesome and the graphics were pretty cool. This thing is just huge with so much room inside. It sounded great on startup especially with the shorty K&N style intake that the WAKE comes with. Sitting in the back seats you can hear the supercharger much like mine with the custom shorty intakes. After about 20 minutes cruising around Lake Ponchartrain Mike asked if I want to have a turn at the wheel. On a 3/4 throttle start it come right out of the water like nothing, much like my S200. While we never went over 3/4 throttle the response was very good and the handling was surprisingly nimble for such a large boat. We had 6 people in the boat and you would never have to touch another person to move around. It turned very well and rockets out of the turns. We filled the ballast tanks and she put out a nice wake with the Perfect Pass set at 18mph. My 10 minutes at the wheel were quite enjoyable but it's a little too much boat for me and with a sticker of $45K+ way too much money. If you want a purpose boat wake boat this one is quite nice. Maybe still not up to a Malibu or other wake boats but still less money and way more room. Not to mention a JET!!! We stayed out for about an hour and a half and had a great time and the Doo was flawless.

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    U Lucky Duck!

    Sounds like you had a blast! Yup to much boat for me also. Hey someday when I'm making $100,000 a year maybe I can get one. Ya right that will be the day. O well I'm having a blast with my Sportster for now. Glad you had a great time

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    Saw one at Havasu this week. It looked nice in the water. It actually dwarfed my buddy's 25' Howard. It is a tall boat.

    I don't think 50K is too bad for that boat. I was looking at a new Magic 30' deck boat with twin 496HOs and it started at 220K.

    The SeaDoo is much more practical on the wallet.

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