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    gtx rxt ignition change question.

    Today I put a rxt ignition in my 04 gtxsc and it was very sluggish. it would only rev 6900rpms. i put the gtx ignition back in and it ran perfect right back to 7450. i had the dealer program the key and the guy seemed a little lost. could the programming have been done wrong? shouldnt the rxp ignition work better in this ski. i have an external innercooler, 4inch in,thru hull, riva wheel.

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    First, I can tell you that it has to be the correct year swap. Not all year ecu's are compatible with all year ski's. Also, on the 04 GTX, you need a piggyback harness for your knock sensor. About a $30 part. If you do a search on my posts you will find the part # you are looking for. Also, the RXT runs a 58psi fuel regulator. Yours runs, I believe, a 42psi regulator, you need to swap this out. Also, there is talk that if you don't use a mated throttle body that you will need to have a buds hooked up and mate the ecu to the throttle body. The easiest way around this would be to use an ecu and throttle body off the same ski. I am not positive this is required for stock ecus like it is for aftermarket.

    I hope this helps.
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    if it is an 05 RXT then it`s cool, but you`ll need to run an aftermarket IC, the 58 psi fuel pressure reg to really get the gains from the RXT ecu...
    you will need the piggy back knock sensor harness with an 05 ecu.
    The rxt ecu is mapped for higher SC speeds and the intercooler.
    There are many Threads on this subject...good reading, enjoy!...PR...

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    Yea, listen to PR, he taught me what I know about this. Do a search on his posts to learn allot more...

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    Humm....Nice going Andy! Good tips....Too bad I did not know them before I sent out the ECU to him....Let me know if I can help you out in anything bro...

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    there are quite a few members whom have modded a GTX to run up front, but it cost more in mods and time than if you just traded the ski in and used the mod money as a down payment.

    here is a decent mod list for the GTX for starters:
    RXT/RXP ecu: need to have lanyards programed and TB/TPS value checked. (clear all fault codes if necc.)
    Piggyback knock sensor harness with 04-05 ecu`s.
    58psi fuel pressure regulator
    Riva SC impeller or equivalent to use with stock injectors.
    Riva Power filter air filter kit.
    Aftermarket intercooler or swap in a 05 RXP intake with stock IC.
    an exhaust mod, not totally necc but more boost and more RPM = more heat and will deteriorate the stock rubber hose faster.
    Nippon Denso Iridium spark plugs: IXU27

    should always install a strainer with any aftermarket IC.

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    i have the external innercooler, what is the piggy back knock sensor and where do i get it?

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    Call your local dealer or Riva. It's about $30. I believe it allows the ecu to recognize your knock sensor, or the other way around.

    From PR: "Knock sensor adapter: 278002050 <-- Part # in case you need it."
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    you guys wouldn't have the part # for the regulator

    also the ignition was programmed by the dealer, it is working, is there any thing else that could be wrong with the programming, or if it working its right?

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