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    Whats The Deal

    05 rxt put in water everything just fine ran it for 10 minutes slowed down to idle and thats all it will do now is idle..Will not go over 2900 rpms...JUst feels like after 2900 it want hook up and go .......luckly it idled back to dock......I have put 9 hrs on it and after the first 4 hrs it has not run right since... any thought or questions??????????Anybody want a 05 rxt!!!!!!!!!

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    Look in the pump. Hopefully you have sucked up something.

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    I'll give you $1000 for it.

    I have no idea what your problem is..

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    forgot one thing the hull is also filling with water,last weekend the rubber hose conecting the j pipe to the waterbox came off and it fill with water but that hose and all the rest are still intact....

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    I will give you $1100 for it. AND I will come pick it up.

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    Check the carbon seal and pump shoe!!!!!!!

    If it is crappy out of the hole and you are getting water in the hull while running this could very well be your problem. Just look in the engine compartment where the driveshaft goes through the hull and see if water is comming in that area while the ski is running.

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    i bet it is the carbon seal

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    Quote Originally Posted by superduty View Post
    i bet it is the carbon seal
    I bet also. ZBut if u want to sell it im sure u can .

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