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    A Jet Ski of my Dream

    hi guys,

    i am Kam and i am new to this Forum...i don't know nothing about JetSkis...

    this is my story
    so i got up one day and i was like i have to get a here i am...
    i went to this dealer in Hayward, CA today and they guy recommended me the Yamaha and Kawasaki...they run about $10k each...
    i was wondering which JetSki is i can have at least 2 people on it...and with plenty of horsepower and reliable...

    i appreciate any help...

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    My son (mohawk man) jeffsntx's Avatar
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    What model Yamaha and Kawasaki are you looking at?

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    WATER WOODY's Avatar
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    Welcome Fuse-Box....List more details like:

    pulling tubes
    knee boards
    3 seater is needed for the above.....if you want to do these things.

    More performance?
    2 seaters:
    Yamaha GP1300R
    Sea-Doo RXP

    Im a huge fan of the GPR myself.

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    well i was thinking 2007 FX...and from Kawasaki..i am not sure...they guy said it had 150HP...but he showed me another model that had 250HP...i don't think i'll be needing a SuperCharged JetSki...but the price was good...for 1k more,..250HP ...but do u think i need that much HP???

    the thing is... i have no idea wat brand is the best for the money and HP......!!!
    I want to get something decent...


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    theyll try to tempt you with lower costs stx kawasaki and possibly even some sea doos, its all about how you ride and where. i would suggest a beginer get something reliable and time tested as tha yamaha, i believe the vx110 is one of the cheapest. my brother and boss got matching vx110 deluxe's, they ride smooth and fast, with plenty of power.

    ive ridden kawasaki for many years, they were allways pretty sturdy, but not exactly the best on reliability, dont get me wrong we had kawasaki as old as our 89 TS. but the ones ive been around allways needed to be rebuilt every so many years (3-5 or so). just abotu every sea doo ive came across needed to be rebuilt sooner (1-3 years) and as far as yamahas, the 650 and 700 blocks were pretty bulletproof, we still have 2 650's and 1 700 running strong with no major maintnence besides plugs, oil, and gas.

    so far the new 4 strokes seem to run strong from all companies. i personaly would go with yamaha for reliability and looks. sea-doo for speed and looks, and kawasaki for price. but these are just all in the opinion of someone riding since 88.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse-box View Post
    i don't think i'll be needing a SuperCharged JetSki
    You would change your mind if you rode them both and see the difference. Id say its worth the grand.

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    My son (mohawk man) jeffsntx's Avatar
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    My honest response is that if you will be riding with 2 people on the ski all the time you will get tired of that very quick. If the money allows, and you decide you want another I guess you could always go and buy another ski. I will NEVER buy a new ski because I cant afford it and hate to make payments for something that I cant use year round. If I was you I would look at buying 2 used skis. When I got started in skis a few years ago I bought 2 96 Kawi's. I never had a lick of problems out of either one. If you buy them right you can fix any small issues, clean it up and break even and sometimes make money when you sell them. This is the way that I now own a 01 and 06 GPR.

    Just my opinion.

    For $10K you could own 2 nice GPR's

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    well WATER WOODY said GP1300R and i was lookin at it right has 170HP and it's a 2 seater...i ike that do be honest....wat u guys think???...

    now i beginning to think Yamaha is the best choise for me...

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    Nothin' runs like a Deere IowanGPR's Avatar
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    GPRs are great, i have an 03 and I love it,

    whatever you choose- learn from this website to maintain it and you will enjoy your riding experiences.

    welcome to the forum

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    I am a firm believer that in REALITY, a 2 seater is really a 1 seater and a 3 seater is really a 2 seater! When you add more than this to either ski they lose elements of handling, etc.

    I now have a 3 seater ski AND a 2 seater ski (XLT (older FX basically) and a GPR) and think its the best of both worlds! I can pull a tube and take my son out with me on the XLT, or I can go out by myself and jump waves and do top end runs on my GPR (If this damn 18 day rain streak ever stops! )

    I like the Kawi 250X ALOT, but just couldn't justify spending $11k on one when I just got an awesome low hour GPR with some nice mods on it for $5000... if you want the 3 seater for multiple people riding with you I would look around for a used 2001-2005 Yamaha XLT1200. Just my opinion though...

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