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    wierd sound when on flush

    I have a question and will try to explain best i can.Put ski on water hose to let it run a little prior to oil change,fired off fine then 3 or 4 minutes of running it started a awful sound kinda like a deep loud humm....It didnt have that normal clanging sound it usually does...This is a 05 rxt with low hrs could this be the sound of a bad sc or is it nothing to worry about??????Have not put it inthe water yet so dont know how it runs....

    ANY THOUGHTS??????


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    can you tell by the sound of it running if something is wrong with sc..

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    Check your wearing maybe the impeller got something while you're riding

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    hows the best way to do that...

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    Anybody else ever heard anything like this on your ski

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    Look underneath the skki and look inside the pump to see if anything is stuck. Then if not give it some gas and see not full throddle just some

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