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Thread: Nozzle question

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    Nozzle question

    I've read all the thoughts on 85mm vs 87mm on a 1300, but what about on a stock 1200? Any one better over the other?


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    My ski is a 2002 1200 gpr BB, I use the stock pump with a concord, I am doing very well on top speed, I have measured my nozzle cone a couple of times. It is 86 mm. I have even sanded it to make sure there is no burr. it seams to be still 86mm. I tried a 85 mm and gained .1 mph but hole shot SUCKED. I hope this was what you was asking?

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    In my experience its been more about target RPMs and getting the motor there. Just because one nozzle is faster then the other on a given day doesn't mean its a better nozzle but may have brought you motor into its torque curve. I have pitched props to produce the same rpm with the 87 as it was producing in the 85 and netted almost the same results. I would look at the 2 nozzles as more of a fine tuning part for any given application.

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