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    4-Tec Gauges loose

    Ok, I just bought an 04 GTX LTD, and discovered the gauge panel is not secured in any way, it just sits loose in the cut-out.

    I have looked through the parts fiche but cannot find any part that I might be missing that would hold the gauges in place.

    I'm stumped - can anyone tell me how the gauge panel is held in place??

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    I thought it snapped in. Could be wrong.

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    there a tight rubber seal that helps hold it in and there may be a bracket if i remeber corectly, but i cant find it on the fiche.

    heres the rubber seal
    278001603 SUPPORT-GAUGE$10.40

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    Ok, I did see the support, but it looked like the chrome trim ring (which I do have). That's all there really is to the gauges, the housing with all the electronics and a chromed plastic trim ring snapped on top.

    Because these parts lists get translated from French sometimes the descriptions are rather sketchy, so I wasn't sure if support was just a bad translation for trim.

    For 10 bucks I'll give it a shot, see if I get a rubber seal. Otherwise I'm going to have to silicone that puppy in place.

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    Your rubber seal sounds like it fell into the inside of the hood, or has shrunk. Just replace it. Careful pushing it all together.

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