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    How many mph's i can go with RXP and RXT ?
    I'm interesting about the RXT what's the maximum it can go ???

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    I have 2006 RXT Stage I right now, maybe. My RXT went 64.9 mph before the wedge, intake, REs, front mount & rear exhaust, after mods I can get it up to 67.4 mph. I might have reached 68 mph but not for sure, can not remember.

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    Haven't heard of one tipping 80 yet...close though.

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    The fastest i have gone on a RXT is 77.1 mph in the cooler months and low on fuel. It had lots and lots of mods on it. Now, that same RXT with even more mods is running right at 76 in the heat with a full tank. Still have to squeeze 100 more RPM's out of it by pitching the impeller so i think after that and low on fuel we should be able to get high 77's in the heat. We're talking like $12,000 just in modifications to obtain this level of performance.

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    Go to They have some numbers on the site that should be accurate. Click on mods and performance packages. You can compare other make of PWC's.

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    With just a Riva intake grate, we could get 66.7 on an 05 RXT

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