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    2003 GP1300r

    I recently purchased a 2003 GPR. My question is simple, I want to be able to come out the shoot a little quicker. I spoke with someone at the local dealer and they advised that I need to get a new Impeller, Ride Plate, and Intake Grate. I really am new to this stuff and i'm really am not interested in going crazy with stage 1 and 2. I just need to know what kind of Grate, Impeller, and ride plate I should get. If anyone out there can help, I would appreciate it. This will likey be the only upgrades done.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    There are lots of thing that can be done for better holeshot and speed but before we go down that road let me ask, When you hit the throttle what is it doing? Is it bogging for a second and then taking off or does it have a little whine with engine reving high like the prop is spinning and not hooking up?

    For the bogging you can get the holeshot mod from Island Racing, For the spinning you can start with a pump seal kit, and a 1200 grate. For just holeshot you probably dont need a different rideplate or impeller unless yours is damaged.

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    Welcome Brinks

    Porksword is correct about the Holeshot kit and intake grate. Worth while investments 4-sure. Also the plump plug kit to reduce cavitation.
    With your older style pump, a Solas Concord prop will help with holeshot, along with an 87mm exit nozzle. There are a few prop guys on the boards
    here in the tuners corner, like Impros and Island racing who can help with that area.

    The stock rideplate is your best choice if you ride in rough water, but if mostly flat water, an aftermarket plate would be good too. Rivas plate is not so bad and you can pick them up pretty cheap used. The R&D plate handles a little better IMO.

    Another worth while mod would be a D-plate for catalytic converter removal.

    The very first thing I would do is get with your dealer and make sure the pump shoe inserts have been updated. This was a problem with the 03s that was repaired by Yamaha under warranty.

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