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    New Guy - '07 Speedster 150 155hp

    Hey Guys, Great forum!

    Just got an '07 speedster 150 155hp and having a blast. Just curious since this is my first jet boat, with the 155hp are there some issues I need to take care of before I even look at making modifications? If not, what are the mods I should be trying to hitup first?

    Thanks guys.

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    Not much info on performance mods to the 155hp model, imo it would cost more than the $2k cost of buying the 215hp vs the 155hp to reach the same level as that model.

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    You could do the simple ones like fill ride plate holes and use permatex right stuff to calk around your hull and ride plate. But use an epoxy stick on your ride plate holes. Just do a search on this forum for ride plate holes and you will get tons of good info on how to do it. I just started running Mobil 1 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle oil in my 155HP Sportster wich is the same as your boat but called the 150 Speedster now. The Mobil 1 stays cleaner longer and helps with keeping the Oil temp down a little. It also protects it better when it sits during the winter. You should wait till you have 20 Hours on your 4-tec before switching over to synthetic oil,This is what mt dealer told me anyway. Have fun!!!

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