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    '94 Raider Restart Problems

    My ski seems to be having some starting issues. Took it out today and it started fine. Ran it really hard for 20 minutes and came in. It was running really well. Faster than my friend's SJ with a 701. After killing it, I tried to restart it right away and it wouldnt. It would just turn over. A couple times, if I waited about 10-15 seconds between start attempts it would fire once and just continue to turn over without actually starting. It turns over easily and priming seemed to do nothing. I installed some new spark plugs and no effect. Tried jumping it but no effect. The thing is, if I let is sit for a bit (~15-20 minutes) it would start right up without a single problem. So no matter what I would do it seemed to have no effect other than waiting.

    So something must be overheating. The water we were riding in was kinda warm. The pisser has a nice steady stream which was hot, but I could hold my hand in it. The head was warm and I could touch it without burning myself. The exhaust was a little hotter though. It is a Coffman exhaust and wherever water was not flowing through it I could touch without burning myself but I could not touch it for too long. When I put water on the exhaust, it wouldnt sizzle though.

    So I am kinda at a lost. My guess is that something with the electrical system must be getting overheated or something. I can't replicate this on the hose at home but only at the water after riding it hard for a bit. I have a Riva head to put on (not installed) so that should help with cooling, but I think that it has to do with something with the ignition. Last week I checked the coil and the wires (orange and black) going into it were ~0 ohms. I replaced the spark plug terminals and the wires were reading good (can't remember exact values).

    Anyone experience this or have any advice?

    Thank you for the help!

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    I think you are running to hot.
    Once you stop the boat after hard riding the water is no longer flowing for cooling, so as the boat sits on the beach it actually is increasing tempature and I believe it is tripping the temp prob.
    So after the 15 minutes waiting time the boat cools enough and starts right up.

    You need to add some water out lines from the boat, that will releive the pressure. The water cannot get out of the boat fast enough to keep it cool.

    Add the Riva head and you will be running much cooler with the extra "outs" on the head.

    Also make sure your feeding it enough fuel once you add the head.

    Good luck.

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    Forgot to add that the temp sensor is disconnected.

    I do plan to add another water bypass with the head but after doing some reading I think I may have a bad charge coil. That would make sense because it seems that the boat has a weak spark. I wasn't able to see any yesterday at the beach but it was bright out. So that coil is probably getting too hot and cutting out. Will probably send the whole stator to Jetski Solutions to have him redo it.

    Thank you for the help!

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