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    I figured it out

    After I posted earlier, I went out to my sl650std and I took off the carbs. There were plates(or covers) on one side (4 screws for each). I took those off to reveal another diaphram type thing (one for each carb). All three had big and small particles of rust. I cleaned all three up and the found the little port for the jets and cleaned those out. Put it back together and now it starts without using the choke and I semi-adjusted the jets and idle (will do fine tuning when I get it to the lake). OOOO it's a beautiful thing. I learned more about my PWC by doing that rather than taking it to someone.
    Anyways, I just wanted to share in case someone else has the same problem. It took me (a rookie) about 4 hours to do.

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    Niiiice! I see my guess was gelled carbs back in March.

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    Glad you found it on your own. Next time you do it, it will take half the time.

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