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    Minor hesitation on holeshot

    Hey guys had my 2000 GP1200 out last week. This past spring I put made the following mods: Solas 13/19 impeller, R&D ppk, intake and ride plate. (Thanks for all the help there). Anyway when I hit the throttle it has a slight hesitation out of the hole. Enough that I notice it and have to back off just a bit. As soon as I get past that initial hesitation it rocks and I don't notice it at mid to top end. Any ideas?



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    what does she idle at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r33pwrd View Post
    what does she idle at?
    I'm going to add to that question just to make it a little clearer.

    What does it idle at in the water?

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    Time for a Jetworks mod.

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    seal pump shoe, and you may want to shim intake grate in front with one set of washers.

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    Not to thread hijack, but I think I've got the same problem. I installed the holeshot kit. It idles fine (no aftermarket tach) to check RPM's. It does seem to idle a little fast, though (can get to 2mph if I idle long enough). From idle after starting, if I go WOT, it bogs and I have to fan the throttle to keep it running (its a bog, not cavitation). If I am at WOT, slow to idle for a second or 2 and then hammer to WOT again, I rarely have the bog. No problems anywhere else. What do I need to adjust?

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    Where is you trim position at?? You may notice that the hesitation occurs when you have the trim nozzle all the way down, if that is the case, just open up your lows 1/8 of a turn, if this condition happens with the nozzle up and worsens with the nozzle down you may need to take a look at your jetting, neddlle valve arm elevation adjustment and pop-off. R u running flame arrestors???


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