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    Question For Steviey 2493

    I noticed you have looking for a 05 RXT in green for a long time And Now your asking for pics of a 07 RXT handlebar and gauges. Whats goin on?
    Do you own a SeaDoo or just a imformation hound?

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    lol none taken...well i have always wanted the green but i love the red now too its been growing on me...i just wanted to compare the 2 like the different style gauges/handlebars so i can go for style i like better and the price...i have decided im 95% sure to go with an 07 though because i can get one for 10,200 with a new trailer only like an hour away so that is a good deal and all lol so theres your answer

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    and yes i own a sea doo its a 1998 limited but it is really time for a new one that has like 250 hours on it and all the friends at our lakehouse have gotten new ones(06 RXT,04 4-tec supercharged,05 GTI) so im goin for a new one too

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