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    Thoughts on LB to Catalina Race

    The upcoming race from Long Beach to Catalina should be interesting with the new Ultras competing in it for the first time this year. If the water is rough, they might be the ski to beat. If the water is VERY rough, the Ultra LX model might unexpectedly prove be THE ski to beat !! The non SC engine is more reliable and with some 15F mods it should run low 60's while burning less fuel than the 250's. Not having to make a stop for fuel could earn it a hard to catch lead. In very rough water I don't think any ski would have a speed advantage over the modded LX, because top end would be limited by the water conditions. Of course if the water is calm, even the 250 might not do too well. Any predictions?


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    250 Wins

    The 250X will dominate !!!

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    i am looking at doing this race. the biggest problem that i am seeing is range. people that have done one way trips at WOT are reporting a little over 11 gallons used. with the ultra giving us arund 20 u=sable gallons even in moderately mellow water. this puts the ulras in for a stop almost no matter how you look at it. the next question is how long will it take us to get 5 more gallons in this pig. if the process is fast we may still be in there.
    any good ideas

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    mount a 5 gallon can

    mount a 5 gallon can in front compartment. Use this siphon to transfer
    fuel to main tank while underway. I'd transfer early in race to reduce
    front weight.
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    There are quick fill gas cans also, you could probably order from any motorcycle/watercraft dealer.If the Race is only 60 miles, I dont see it needing to be refilled.

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    Great to hear some offshore discussion. Have read the offshore forum but curious as to thoughts on special PFDs and foam neck collar to prevent torque injury. Ive not yet seen solution to refueling on the fly but working on the problem and lookin for free advice.

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    right now my best theory is 5 gallons on the back step. it seems to make better sense to keep the weight back instead of forward. i would also plan to refuel near catalina to use the island shadow for reduced waves.

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    cool product, looks aquard to carry with during a race.

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    I have six of these. They do not dump as fast as advertised. They are however better than anything else i have tried .

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