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    Unhappy stalling problems on a 2000 virage

    I have a 2000 polaris virage. I replaced the spark plugs. She starts right up. it wants to stall in the 4000 to 4800 range. When I feel the stall coming on, a quick blip of throttle to bump it back up to 5000+ rpm keeps it running. Was it bad gas from winterizing storage or may I need to adjust the idle? I'm clueless.

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    eddie, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.

    You could certainly have some stale gas, plugged carb screen or a plugged fuel filter, something of that sort. I'd get rid of the gas, install fresh and give it a try. Keep an eye on the plugs in case you have a lean running issue.

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    Thanx alot. this is my first jet ski. How do I discover a lean running issue ?, and do you recomend a certain type of gas?

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