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    my friend borrowed my ski for the day, went out to an island with his girl he brought it back to my house,, said everything was fine,,, once he left i went throught the whole entire ski and as i looked in the jet nozzle i noticed i little peice of rope, so i went to get a flashlight to check it out, i swear i have never seen such a mess... so i call him ask him what happened, he said he sucked up the anchor line and couldnt get it out, so he decided to go 6 miles full throttle doing about twenty mph till he had gotten back to the dock...but its not around the shaft its between the impellar and pump cone.... i do not know how to get this nylon rope out of the can anyone out there help me with a quick fix...

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    First of all dont loan out your ski ever again. They wont respect it like you would nor will they no how to treat it if something does happen. All you need to do is pull off the steering nozle. First disconect the steering linkage, the vts rod and the opas. Then there are for bolts that need to be removed to get the nozzle off. You should be able to un tange everything then. You may have to install a new wear ring if it was damaged.

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    go here

    I don't let friends ride mi skies any more. More money down the drain.

    They F**K it up for you and in your case didn't tell you. They get to go home, and your left an empty wallet and some sad eyes.

    Taking out the pump is easy bud, once you've done it once you can do it with hands tied behind your back. Good to know to just in case you need to chage the wear ring and impeller.

    Good Luck. Does any body have pics that this gentleman can see?

    I am a visual learner myself.

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    Jeepers, some friend ... I don't let anybody other than my brothers even drive my RXP, and that is only while I am there to watch.

    You will need to pull the pump to get that out ... no quick fix for that mess. I really hope your pump tunnel is not cracked, pump messed up, or engine overheated from him driving 'full throttle at 20 mph'. Usually that will result in an overheat, altho typically the sensors kick in and limit the motor ... don't let friends borrow your toys ... most damage to skis occurs when someone other than the owner is operating it.

    Pulling the pump is not difficult, but when you do, thoroughly examine the pump tunnel itself for any damage or cracks too. Good luck

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    Yup deff dont loan ure skis out. My friends uncle let one of his buddys borrow his Gpr Came back with a a cracked rideplate. What happend ? Answer: I dunno .

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    i appreciate all the info, and advice. im gonna try this whole pump removal.. wish me luck lol...

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