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    Question Big Can or Little Can?

    Here we go...Thank you in advance. I couldn't say no to buying a 94 sl 750. Actually, I put it in with a package deal with a golf cart. Well...they are both projects, the cart needs at least $650 in work and the Polaris, well...I don't yet know. Here's the skinny...I'm not sure if I opened up a Big can or Little Can of Worms. I bought it from a co-worker so I can trust their word, somewhat. She stated that they used it a year ago and they had been trying to sell it. She said it would need a battery, which it did. The ski sat outside in Michigan uncovered for a year and then I picked it up. I replaced the battery added fresh fuel, checked oil, crossed my fingers and then tried to start it. Only to hear nothing but a clicking noise coming from the electrical box (I think that is what you call the black box ontop of the battery). To be honest, I am tired of paying $45-65/hr for labor on my toys. I would prefer to save money, and learn how to do it for myself. I would more than appreciate any advice and expertise shared. Any ideas what my problem could be?


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    Sounds like a bad starter to me. Check all your connections

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    Lets see the golf cart! I've got an Ingersoll Rand Club Car pickup truck around here somewhere, lemme see if I can find a pic....

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    Welcome to the Hulk. If it's a new battery, that leaves a couple things to check. !. can you turn the engine over by hand with the sparkplugs removed? 2. Make sure you have a good connection on the ground cable. 3. Bypass the starter solenoid to see if the starter will crank with 12V directly connected to battery. If no crank, it can be the starter or the starter bendix. Please let us know what you find.

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    My weak battery did the same thing. Try Jumping it from a bigger battery first.


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